Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Michele Bachmann - So Far Right, She Can't Be Wrong

Long dead serial killer John Wayne Gacy weighed in last night, attempting to defend Michele Bachmann!

Hey, I wasn't really ever "from" Iowa. I spent a year there, got arrested for the first time, then went back to Chicago (where I was born). Did you know that I also used to be a Democratic Party precinct captain? And that I shook hands with Rosalyn Carter?
The Clown/molester may have misjudged his effect here - what he's saying is that Michele Bachmann not only admires a serial killer, but a DEMOCRAT serial killer.

In any event, he needn't have bothered. There are better ways to deal when your candidate makes a statement that diverges from the facts. Melt the facts down and forge new ones. Yes, that pun is intended.
Several strange edits have shown up on Wikipedia entries pertaining to famed Americans referenced by Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann -- specifically, it appears that her fans have attempted to rewrite the lives of actor John Wayne and President John Quincy Adams to fit her woefully inaccurate retellings of history.

Bachmann, who officially launched her campaign yesterday in Waterloo, Iowa, told a Fox News reporter that she was proud to be in the town where John Wayne was from, because she embodies his ideals. Unfortunately for her, it turns out that the actor John Wayne was not from Waterloo, but serial killer John Wayne Gacy was.

Shortly after the gaffe, the Wikipedia page for actor John Wayne was altered to change his birthplace from Winterset, Iowa to Waterloo, apparently as an effort to cover for the misguided politician.

Another edit came after she declared Tuesday morning that the nation's sixth president, John Quincy Adams, was a "founding father," even though he was just a child when his father, the nation's second president, signed the Declaration of Independence.

Sure enough, in short order Adams's Wikipedia entry was changed to call him a "founding father." The page's administrator quickly struck down the revision, insisting that users not make edits "based on current events."
Michele Bachmann could have avoided this kind of brute historical revisionism had she simply said, "I misspoke. I obviously meant John Adams, not John Quincy Adams." It's an easy and harmless thing to say you were wrong about. But SHE CAN'T DO THAT. Therefore, she has trapped herself into claiming that a 9-year-old boy helped draft the Declaration of Independence, and her followers into pretending that they believe it.


POTUS said...

What a fool! I bet she doesn't even know how old her children are!

Danielk said...

You know what I'm getting from that? You consider Michele Bachmann to be every bit as qualified to be President as you think Obama is.