Monday, June 06, 2011

Mea Maxima Culpa: Blinded By the Weiner

I spent the better part of last week insisting that there was no proof that DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATIVE ANTHONY WEINER had tweeted an underwear pic to an underage fan. And while what's out there isn't exactly proof, there's certainly a lot of convincing hearsay. So much so that I'm rolling with the mob from here on in and saying yes, he's probably the scumbag that he appears to be.

This is, as you might expect, tremendously galling to me personally. For one thing, no one likes to admit they're wrong. Secondly, this kinda flies in the face of my opinion that politicians' personal lives should be off limits. Because if Weiner was sexting the underaged, then I'm pretty sure he was breaking the law and people who break laws shouldn't be making them.

Sigh. The worst thing about this is now when WAMK insists that Paul Revere IS famous for warning the British that the government was going to take their guns, it will be impossible to correct him. He'll say that ACORN helped a couple of people dressed as Starsky and Hutch era pimps, and there'll be no stopping him. Shirley Shirrod made a speech where she said she hates white people? Sure. Obama called Palin a pig? Of course he did.

I suppose THIS is why politicians personal lives are a big deal.

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