Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Political Advertising As Litmus Test **update**

Don't get too worked up about this ad. It's produced by crazy racists. Good quote of the day though, via Huffpo:

"The treasurer for Turn Right USA, Claude Todoroff, confirmed the group is real, but declined to talk about it. "I don't know about the ad but I wouldn't talk to The Huffington Post, anyway. You're a bunch of liberal idiots," Todoroff said, before hanging up.
Haha! So like I say, this ad wasn't the work of the mainstream Republican party.

Its use though, is as a litmus test. Ask Republicans to "refudiate" it. If they do, they're still interested in the black vote. For that matter, the human being vote.

**update** In his parody of this post (wow, the sincerest form of flattery!) WAMK goes out of his way to avoid addressing whether he thinks it's an accurate depiction of African Americans, or if it's even appropriate political speech. So I'll put him in the totally down with it column.

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