Friday, June 03, 2011

Mea Culpa: It's More Complicated Than I Said

Yesterday for the sake of brevity, I wrote this:

Here's my prediction: Weiner's telling the truth, Breitbart is lying.
That is inaccurate. Breitbart does not say that he knows that famous (though kinda lame) underwear shot is really of Anthony Weiner. First of all, the story didn't originate with Breitbart. It's bylined by P.J. Salvatore, though Breitbart did some background work. He made a few calls.

In any event, he didn't fake the picture himself. I believe that. I can't say for sure it's true, but I think the picture was faked by @patriotusa76 and Breitbart's organization shrugged and ran with it, despite having serious reservations about the source.

Do I know the picture is faked? I do not. That's why I framed it as a prediction.

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