Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Good Luck, Mitt - Duck!

An auditoriumful of people, enraged that you are the Republican nominee. It's a likely scenario this year in Florida.

Hoping to head off violent protesters during the Republican National Convention, Mayor Bob Buckhorn has proposed a litany of items that will be considered security threats during the week-long event.

The list runs from air pistols to water pistols and also includes items such as masks, plastic or metal pipe and string more than six inches long.

Conspicuously absent from the list of potential weapons: Firearms.

That's because state law bans local governments from placing any restrictions on the carrying of guns in public spaces.

"If we'd tried to regulate guns, it wouldn't have worked," said City Attorney Jim Shimberg.

Guns will be banned from the security zone the Secret Service will set up around the convention site, Shimberg said.

But outside that perimeter, in the area Buckhorn as labeled "the clean zone," state gun laws will prevail.

State law bans civilians from openly carrying handguns. But anyone – even protesters banned by the proposed city ordinance from wielding a piece of wood larger than a ruler – may carry a concealed handgun if they're licensed to do so.
So hey, good news - a brokered convention may not exactly be necessary if you know what I mean. If you have been wondering why Rick Santorum has been making noises about being willing to be the VP to Romney, I think that might be making a little more sense now.

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