Friday, April 20, 2012

"I Lose Time"

Sometimes people on the Right seem a little deranged - they blame Obama for the excessive TSA airport screenings, or for TARP, or for not closing Gitmo like he promised, because Gitmo is such a terrible thing. Here's Mitt Romney blaming a factory closing on Obama even though it closed a month before he took office.

The thing the rest of us need to understand is that most Republicans cannot remember that there was a President who served between Clinton and Obama. Last week I got into a Facebook comment fight with Warner Todd Huston and his minions (let me jealously add that I don't have minions, and probably never will) where the premise was that Obama was the "worst president ever" and I said what about Bush? and one of the minions said "you guys are always bringing up the past." Personally I find it hard to argue a worst ever argument without bringing up the past, but I suppose it's possible? Somehow?

Anyway, modern republicans are on the wrong side of history. More than one said that in 50 years time he will be considered one of the best Presidents we've ever had. And yes I tried to look up that quote but it appears to have been scrubbed from the internet. Collective amnesia!

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