Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Mysterious Harvard Years

This is a talking point I don't think I addressed yet, about the President's years at Harvard. A conservative Facebook friend (who actually is an acquaintance of mine, an entrepreneur whom I admire) brought up the frequently worked over theory that Obama was a mediocre student at Harvard, who only got in because of affirmative action and was made editor of the Harvard Law Review for the same reason.

I suggested that this seemed awfully implausible to me. It's one thing to admit a mediocre student to Harvard, but another to threaten your brand by elevating the kid to the head of the most prestigious law publication in the country. After a bit my conservative friend admitted I may be right, and he offered up the following clip as evidence.

Probably the best thing about this clip, which is from a Frontline documentary which aired before the election, is that it belies the idea that somehow, there is no record of Obama's college years. People went on record here gladly to talk about him; the Harvard Law Review is available for free perusal in libraries everywhere. The people in this clip are from the left, and the right, and in between.

I suppose you could also consult the President's 2 autobiographies for further information.

There is no conspiracy. If World Net Daily readers can't find any info about Obama's earlier years, they might consider checking out sources that aren't World Net Daily.

Anyway, I'm pleased that Xxxx Xxxxxxx came around (name redacted because I fear for his safety, even in Southern California) has come around on this point. It's certainly not a compelling argument to vote for Obama, but all I'm asking for is some non-crazy debate on the issue.

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