Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Loss Of Identity

Lament for me! I was jogging Sunday afternoon in Long Beach and somehow along the way, my wallet fell out of my pocket. I didn't notice until I got back to my girlfriend's place and by then, tracing our route was impossible let alone finding a black leather square on the sidewalk. And believe me, I tried.

I managed to drive the 45 miles back to my place without being stopped but dear God! How would I live? I had half a tank of gas and a refrigerator full of groceries, but no cash, no debit or credit cards and no driver's license. What's worse I had a doctor's appointment coming up on Tuesday. I couldn't give them my medical ID number and I couldn't provide my co-pay. I was doomed to slowly starve to death without medical attention. I had become a non-person.

Turns out, it's not that big a deal. I took the logical first step of making sure the wallet hadn't been turned in to the Long Beach PD, and once that was determined I set to work canceling all the credit cards that I could remember I had. Most of them I could access online; none had been used since the last time I'd whipped them out.

Then it was off to the bank to get a new debit card. I was worried about the lack of ID but as it happens, I do have a passport lying around because I was in London a couple of years back. By 3pm I had cash, a debit card and and identity. The rest is just waiting for the other cards to come in the mail, and updating all the places I have automatic payments for. Oh and buying a new wallet.

Which I can do now.

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