Thursday, March 22, 2007

DeLay Feeds The Meme

Here's a little anecdote which illustrates why it's so frustrating to argue with Republicans. Hat tip to THINKPROGRESS, which in turn tips its virtual hat to Daily Kos.

Matthews grilled DeLay about passages in his book where he apparently ripped into fellow corrupt Texan Dick Armey, eventually asking the Hammer about describing Armey as “drunk with ambition.” DeLay denied writing that. “I wrote that he was ‘blinded by his ambition.’” Matthews starts flipping though the book and finds the “drunk with ambition” quote and reads it to Bug Man. And DeLay keeps denying it. Finally, Chris hands the book to Tom and tells him to read it himself. DeLay looks down, pauses, and says “I don’t have my glasses.”
Click on the title and you can watch it yourself.

So you have all the elements - niggling over the the choice of words (I'm open to suggestion over "niggling" by the way) and refusing to admit you're wrong, ever, even in the face of obvious evidence. These aren't necessarily bad qualities, by the way; but if you're wrong most of the time it makes you look as dumb as a bush.

DeLay is going to be an increasing source of entertainment in the coming years too, because he is so firmly in denial about everything. I'm certain, for example, that he still believes that he's a commentator on CNN despite CNN insisting he is not. The Flat Earth Society NEEDS Tom DeLay. He can also loan out his services to that camp that claims they can cure Gay.

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