Friday, March 09, 2007

Dems Eschew Fox For The Best Possible Reason

You probably read about this...the Nevada Democratic Party has declined to allow Fox News to televise their upcoming debate. The stated positions were as follows: Pros: allows Democrats to reach a wider audience. Cons: Fox was going to run sneaky graphics and subtitles and cut it off before the end.

I don't think that's really what was going on at all.

Fox has been seeing declining numbers for the last year, as Americans are realizing that as much fun as Fox is, it's not good for them. So I believe that the upside for FOX was reaching a wider audience, and the Democrats realized that even if the debate wasn't messed with at all, they'd be pumping lifeblood into a rapidly dying...Golem. Honestly it's late in the week and my metaphor capabilities are damaged.

But the takeaway here is that you don't help the bully up when he trips, because once he's on his feet again he's just going to give you a wedgie and take your lunch money. You walk away from the bully, and convince everybody else to point and laugh at him.

As goes the ideology, so goes the house organ.

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