Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The O'Spielberg Factor

You know how much I love press releases.

Film Contest Calls On Filmmakers To Expose Corrupt Union Bosses

Union bosses constantly employ ruthless tactics to serve their personal needs. Labor leaders’ most recent grab for power is an attack on workplace democracy in the form of the grossly misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).

If passed at the federal level, EFCA would replace secret-ballot elections with the petition-like “card check” -- a process which exposes workers to fraud, violence, and intimidation. To illustrate how far from “free choice” this bill actually falls, the Center for Union Facts kindly suggests a more accurate name: Criminal Rape of American Principals, or CRAP.

Luckily, honest Americans do not have to take this attack sitting down. Armed with little more than the truth and a video camera, citizens can fight back with the End CRAP commercial contest.

The fight against union corruption starts with basic education.

Labor bosses’ dirty laundry includes deception and intimidation during organizing campaigns, strikes that hurt members more than they help, and spending mandatory union dues on radical left-wing agendas. Despite these corrupt tactics and criminal activities, many people still remain unaware of the true nature of union leadership.

Not anymore.

To show Americans the truth about today's union leadership, the Center for Union Facts challenges young filmmakers to combine facts and humor in a 30 second commercial. Aimed at an audience that assumes -- too often -- union leaders are well-intentioned advocates, the ad should address organized labor’s deception, violence, harassment, intimidation or discrimination from a unique angle. The entrant with the winning commercial will win $5,000 and have his or her advertisement air on national television.

To find out more, go to There you will find a wealth of information about the size, scope, political agendas, and criminal activity of the labor movement and further details about the End CRAP ad contest.

What to add here... well, nothing says TRUTH like a 30-second spot, and nothing says HUMOR like "deception, violence, harassment, intimidation or discrimination". How do I feel about unions? Usually corrupt, and usually less corrupt than the businesses they're opposed with. And at least they're corrupt on MY side. I wonder if I can fit that into a 30-second spot?

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