Friday, March 09, 2007

The Far Side Moves Back To the Periphery, Where it Belongs

The revelation this week that the PATRIOT Act included a clause that allows for the president to fire and replace district court judges federal district attorneys can't look good to my friends at They keep saying that we're all paranoids, and Bush Derangement Syndrome is the reason why we think he's consolidating power. This clause, and the heavy-handed use its been put to recently, is almost impossible to credit to the fight against terror. I say "almost" because, let's face it, there's always Britt Hume.

Anyway, I'm assuming the Townhall people have little to say about it, but it's been almost impossible to load them today. Same with NO LEFT TURNS. I've heard of similar bandwidth problems with CONSERVAPEDIA, the alternative Wikipedia for people who insist on a stated bias in their facts. Tom Delay has announced that he's signing on as a commentator with CNN, which is a little chilling but at least he will only be able to influence people by talking to them, rather than threatening to bury their chances of passing the farm subsidies bill. (note: Okay, maybe he's just going to stick to blogging)

Ten years ago the President visited Brazil and he was beloved; this week the President visited Brazil and was greeted with signs implying that he's Hitler. Sooter Libby was convicted of obstructing justice, and the jury's most prominent question was "why is this the guy on trial when he's obviously covering up for the Vice President?"

The NeoCon dream is going down faster than Paris Hilton at a Handycam demonstration booth. And high time too! This Democracy is constructed so that the rule comes from the center... maybe a little to the right, maybe a little to the left, but there are safeguards to prevent anything so very wierd as the last six years from taking place. Democracy prevents us having a President who says "the jury is is still out on evolution."

Sure it's possible to circumvent the forces of centrism, but you wind up being voted out.

So it's comforting so see all this going on. I'm liberal but I'm perfectly happy to lose some battles. Most people are for the death penalty? Fine! I'll live in a country with the death penalty. Watching the neocon blimp hit the tower and burst into flames has provided me with the first warmth I've felt in a long, long time.

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