Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden? Ugh.

This is why I don't usually make predictions.

Not only was I wrong about the person, I was wrong about the day. For some reason the announcement was made in the dead of night (3am EDT), thus insuring that anyone who signed up for those crazy text messages and forgot to set their phones to vibrate would be annoyed by the news. AND the editors WERE out of the office by then.

And there's Biden. Generic handsome old white guy. I was pleased to see him eliminated so early in the primaries on aesthetic grounds. He doesn't LOOK like change. And it feels like he's been running for president for what, 30 years now? Still, the guy has good foreign policy credentials, and plenty of experience. And he has criticized Obama in the past, which I find heartening. It'll be nice to have a President who doesn't surround himself with people who agree with him. You know, for a change. And Biden has gotten in enough trouble for things he has said that he's almost McCain, so he's got that straight-talk thing going for him.

It just seems that he's a safer, blander choice than Hillary, but maybe that's the point. People who are scared of an African American AND a woman president won't stay away. It's all about electability after all. And this administration, like most (though not the current one) will not be run out of the Vice President's office. So I guess we could have done worse.

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