Thursday, August 21, 2008

One Of Us, One Of Us, Gibble Gabble One of Us

John McCain explains his remark that he would define "rich" as "making 5 million or more."

“I define rich in other ways besides income,” he said. “Some people are wealthy and rich in their lives and their children and their ability to educate them. Others are poor if they’re billionaires.”

Just like the rest of us. I too, when hanging with my 5-million-plus-making-friends, define their wealth by their ability to properly educate their children. If they can build and staff an appropriate school, I adjudge them wealthy. If they merely send their kids to a pre-existing prep school, I consider them poor.

Like John McCain, I have "at least four" houses (Newseek estimates seven) and one of my biggest problems, if I had kids, would be choosing the house to put them in when they're going to school. I'm thinking of buying a couple of kids, so this is on my mind. The only thing that's stopping me is this: how do you child-proof a Lear jet? Do you allow them in the cockpit or just confine them to a section near the tail, perhaps with their own rest room?

I'll say this though - I want a guy in the White House who shares the concerns of a common guy like me. I - oh damn, I just spilled Absinthe on my $500 shoes - demand that some elitist like Obama be prevented from running the country and just giving it to the hoi-polloi who are worth less than 5 million. Why should THAT minority have a say?


wamk said...

Sop up the absinthe with some arugula.

Does Obama really want to play the "house" card?

Didn't Obama buy his house at a significantly reduced price from convicted felon Tony Rezko?

Didn't someone on Obama's team recently have to resign his position due to his involvement with a major mortgage lender meltdown?

Does he really want to go down that path?

Hearing one wealthy elitest cry about another wealthy elitest really doesn't fly.

I also don't recall you guys showing this much outrage about multiple house ownership with the last Presidential Candidate from MA..

Danielk said...

The last guy? Couldn't tell when he was joking, married to a multi-millionaire heiress, veteran of the Viet Nam war? That guy lost.

wamk said...

Here's the best comment I've seen on the whole matter:

"Drop the elitist nonsense altogether and just admit that we're basically deciding which rich, well-connected, upper-class guy where electing as our king for the next four years: the black guy who wants to raise taxes or the white guy who thinks cutting 5-6 billion from the budget in the red by 450 billion is fiscal responsibility."

Danielk said...

Yes!!!! Who said that? I will shake their hand.

wamk said...

T'was a comment over at Hugh Hewitt..