Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh, THAT Explains It

I have commented here in the past about the conflicting smears against Obama. I also recently commented about it at this blog and frequent reader "Ameridan" responded as follows.

Obama is a rich elitist who was too poor to buy a mansion in his earlier days until he became involved with a future convicted felon and a rascist preacher. Both of whom greased the skids for his slid into Chicago's cesspool of dirty politics.

It's safe to say that no one here has ever accused Obama of being a Christian... BUT, because he was a Muslim in his early years, he will always be considered a Muslim, no matter how absurd that sounds to you or me. Those are Muslim rules, not ours.

He is a substanceless celebrity. Satan would be the anti-christ and I don't recall anyone ever calling him that here.

Ameridan I'm tempted to just let this stand, because I'm dead certain that throwing facts back at you will not even slow you down. However:

Too poor to afford the house: Obama and his wife were worth $3 million at the time, he paid market value and the rates were normal for people of his credit standing - look 'em up. Or check this out. also points out how little Rezko benefitted from the laws passed while Obama was running that department. Factcheck sums it up this way, in fact: "Can support for a low-income housing project be a "favor" to the developer if the developer didn't ask for it? You decide."

No one ever accused him of being a Christian: I'm kind of inferring on this one. Obama was accused of buying everything he heard at the christian church he attended for 20 years, therefore you guys didn't believe he really followed the Rev. Wright or you don't believe he's Muslim. And since every single media outlet that checked it out has determined that the school he attended as a child was not a madrassa, the whole "once a Muslim" thing doesn't apply. It's true he grew up in Indonesia. 

Though if he is a Muslim and he managed to attend christian services for twenty years and keep his real faith a secret while in the public eye, I'd say that man has what it takes to be President. And can I take this opportunity once again to remind you that Muslim doesn't equal Terrorist? Much in the same way that Republican doesn't equal racist.

It's true that I haven't seen anyone dare to equate Obama to the Antichrist on WHERE ARE MY KEYS. Tell you where I have seen it though: here and here and here (obliquely and couched in humor) and here and here

Incidentally, researching that last one yielded a pretty interesting quote from INDIA DAILYTo tell you very honestly, since John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, America has not seen presidential candidates as clean as Obama or McCain. After Clintons and Bushs, they are more like Christ himself.  I like this, and I think it's largely true. If we could could stop making up stuff about each other's candidates and focus on the issues, I think the country would be a lot better for it.


GWK said...

Christian? I think not.

Danielk said...

Gee, now that I've seen a collection of out-of-context quotes narrated an snide arrogant weasel ("...I can assure you Senator, that Christ would never advocate turning the other cheek to terrorists and Americas enemies." - this guy can assure us that he knows what Christ would think?) I'm completely convinced. Obama must be a Muslim!

Like all Muslims, Obama knows the bible well enough to have opinions about it. (That was snide arrogance on my part, GWK).

Though our YouTube friend failed to provide a link, I did a little digging and found the original transcript of the speech, (as I'm sure you did because you don't take 527 messages at face value) which Obama made to Democrats to encourage them to better acknowledge the power of faith. Here's something else out of context for you:

" doesn’t mean that you don’t have doubts. You need to come to church precisely because you are of this world, not apart from it; you need to embrace Christ precisely because you have sins to wash away – because you are human and need an ally in your difficult journey."

Obviously he meant to say "Allah" there. Slip of the tongue.