Friday, August 15, 2008

A Word About the Suit

This is how I looked at the New Media Expo today. My strategy was twofold:

a. Distinguish myself from the typical podcaster in the t-shirt with the orange Cheetos stains: and

b. The women go crazy for a sharp-dressed man, if you follow me.

In fact I barely rated a notice. ESPECIALLY from the women. Just now, as I was wandering around Bally's waiting for the show, a guy asked if I worked here because he was looking for the bathroom.

Let's call this a failed social experiment.


GWK said...

"women go crazy for a sharp-dressed man."

Don't tell me ZZ Top's been lying to us for 20+ years!!

Danielk said...

The 'top would never lie... clearly, I'm simply not sharp-dressed enough.

wamk said...

Maybe it was the clip-on tie?

Danielk said...

The tie is real; the suit is clip-on.

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