Thursday, August 07, 2008

How Would A Bush Town Hall Meeting Have Handled This?

Photographer insists on Pledge of Allegiance before Obama rally

Hat tip to Wonkette for this - crazy dude gets into Obama Town Hall meeting, demands Obama lead the pledge of allegiance. Obama agrees and does so. Crazy dude is then NOT whisked away to airport for extraordinary rendition and then locked away without charges for the next ten years.

See, this is one more reason why I like Barry O - he tolerates dissent, considers it, and changes course if the dissent makes sense. Flexibility is useful when you're running the free world. Compromise is the whole point of Democracy. And he does all this here without losing control of the room, which any standup will tell you is death. Huzza, O!


wamk said...

How did he get thru that without a teleprompter?

Danielk said...

To quote Paris Hilton, "see you at the debate, bitches."

Matthew said...

i just think the guy's crazy for still using a 1g ibook!

GWK said...

You mean the 10 debates he agreed to, and then when, he realized he'd have to answer the questions directly and not have prepared answers, he changed his mind?

Danielk said...

Yes, because he fears questions he's only doing 3 debates. Because you know, they don't really start asking them until the final seven.

GWK said...

Let's not be silly here... You're smarter than that, Piker.

Aren't you?

No, the 3 debates BO finally agreed to ('cause he had to) have questions that the candidates already know are coming from the moderator, and they can prepare for them, in advance.

In the proposed TH debates BO agreed to ("Anytime, Anywhere", was what BO said), and then backed out of, the questions come from the audience, and are un-scripted.

No way to know what's coming and to prepare for. One actualy has to think for themselves - NOVEL idea!

And that's why he backed out.