Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CEO Advocates Taxing Everybody More In Red State

He's probably kidding, but I think we should go for it.

Let’s challenge the Democrats on this one. If they’re so committed to the idea that we need higher taxes, then let them propose a broad-based, regressive increase: either a VAT, or a large payroll-tax rate increase (which Reagan also did).

Just do it, Democrats. You want higher taxes? Then propose higher taxes that really will reduce deficits while minimizing the effect on job creation. Otherwise, shut up.
Let's face it, cutting funding to libraries alone isn't going to get us out of this multi-trillion dollar hole, and neither is simply letting Bush Tax cuts expire. We're going to have to cut some libraries, let the tax breaks expire, and raise taxes. It's possible to balance the budget, we've done it recently. So let's get on with it already.

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