Friday, August 12, 2011

People - People Who Need People

Expanding on Mitt Romney's remarks yesterday, private citizen Sarah Palin told Think Progress yesterday that yes, corporations are people.

She makes this distinction by pointing out that corporations don't pay taxes, people do. Therefore Romney is right, corporations ARE people.

You might find Rand Paul's opinion on this a little easier to parse:

Basically we are corporations, corporations are us.

What's fascinating about this Republican groundswell is that it crystallizes something they've been dancing around for a while: if it comes down to a fight between making the life of a corporation easier, or YOUR life, the corporation wins. Corporations NEED tax breaks, you get them if we can still afford them. Corporations can't go to jail for murder, YOU must be incarcerated for jaywalking. Oil companies must have $21 billion in subsidies, but we must not spend tax money on stimulus for your own individual job. Hopefully Exxon will hire you. But if not, whatevs.

I'm not making this up. Here's Sarah Palin supporting TARP in a 2008 interview.

Now, as for the economic bailout provisions and the measures that have already been taken, it is a time of crisis and government did have to step in playing an appropriate role to shore up the housing market to make sure that we're thawing out some of the potentially frozen credit lines and credit markets, government did have to step in there.
See? Even hardcore Republicans like George Bush and Palin are willing to part with some tax money if it helps the bank "people".

Because they just like those "people" better.

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