Thursday, August 18, 2011

Civil Discourse Pt 2

A comment from today's earlier post has given me food for thought.

General Anthony McAuliffe said...

You don't know much about military history, do you? Ever hear of a place called Bastogne?

Clearly not.
On the unspoken advice of the General, I looked into McAuliffe. According to Wikipedia is most famous for this: When confronted with a written request from German General Luttwitz for surrender of Bastogne, his reply was one word: "NUTS!" (the commander of the 327th GIR interpreted it to the German truce party as "Go to hell!").[3] After the battle, newspapers referred to the division as the "battered bastards of Bastogne". 

What this means is Allen West (and my commenter) equate a request to notch down the rhetoric with NAZIS DEMANDING SURRENDER. What's more, it's not exactly a well-kept secret that they regard the Muslim community as just like the Nazis, and Obama as a Nazi, and people on the left or left of center as being just like the Nazis. 

So if you wonder why sometimes the right seems a little nutty, it's because they think they're surrounded by Nazis. To me, they look like that guy who painted the Hitler moustache on Reagan, only they're not trying to be funny. They're deadly serious.

The last time a country was in a situation like this, believing they were victims surrounded by an insidious enemy that controlled everything, in a bad economy... oh you don't want me to go on. Honest.


Hmm.. said...

The fact that you still don't understand his response is pretty funny.

Also, didn't your side decide that if you disagree with a Black politician, it means you are racist?

Why do you hate Black men so much, especially those that volunteered to protect your freedoms?

And about those Hitler mustaches? Your side seemed to draw an awful lot of them during the Bush years. Were they being "funny", or "deadly serious" when they compared Bush to Hitler, and his Admionistration to the Third Reich?

Danielk said...

Our side decided if you depict a black president as having planted a watermelon patch in the white house, or as a bushman with a bone through his nose, then yeah, you may be racist. Also, the weird two-year campaign to prove that he was born in Kenya despite plenty of documentation to demonstrate he was born in Hawaii.

What don't I understand about West's response? What was he really trying to say? I don't mind if you're snarky in your explanation.

One Last Try said...

Before you educated yourself on where the quote "NUTS!" came from, what message did you think Rep. West wastrying to send to CAIR?

After you educated yourself on where the quote "NUTS!" came from, what message do you think Rep. West is trying to send to CAIR?

Danielk said...

Well I just did a considerable amount of jawboning on this already, but: Before I just thought West was being rude and dismissive to his consituents; after I thought he equated them with Nazis.

Again, I invite you to tell me where I'm going wrong here.

Sanity said...

So you honestly think Rep. West feels CAIR is exactly like the Nazis? You know what, I think you honestly do.

General McAuliffe responded to a ridiculous request with the word "NUTS!".

So did Rep. West. CAIR wasn't "asking him to tone down the rhetoric" as you claimed in your post, CAIR asked him to denounce and distance himself from people that CAIR felt were "anti-Muslim". Those people in question aren't "anti-Muslim", they are clearly "anti-Muslim extremist".

Hence, Rep. West's response to CAIR ridiculous request.

And why is it that you can't find it in your writings/comments to refer to Rep. West by his title?

Racism, maybe? Does it offend you that a man of color has been able to attain this position, but you can't bring yourself to acknowledge it?

Danielk said...

Rep. West would have better served himself by explaining his point of view instead of firing off a quip. That kind of thing is fine for entertainers and pundits, but elected officials have a responsibility to be much clearer in their communication.

As for the dropping of Rep. West's honorific, it could have been worse. It's not like I called him "Obummer" or something.

Danielk said...

And by the way, how do YOU know what he meant? Did he clarify his views or do you just somehow know because that must be what he meant?

Occam's Razor said...

Seeing as how Rep. West used quotes around his response, has it in all caps, and used an exclamation, just as General McAuliffe did, as well as Rep. West's background in the military; I'd lend more weight to my explanation, than to your projection of Nazism.

Forgot to ask you before, but you never answered the question in the first comment:
And about those Hitler mustaches? Your side seemed to draw an awful lot of them during the Bush years. Were they being "funny", or "deadly serious" when they compared Bush to Hitler, and his Administration to the Third Reich?

And for the record, I've never referred to the President as "Obummer".

So why did you leave his title off? Was it racism, or to purposefully disrespect him and his office?

Danielk said...

Therefore you "just somehow know."

Rep West could convince people like me if he just spoke up! As of now I assume he thinks the Muslims are like the Nazis. He IS on record as saying Keith Ellison represents "antithesis of the principles upon which this country was established" so I'm not just coming out of nowhere with this. As far as I can see, he's never named the non-extremist Muslims that he says are out there. If you're Muslim, you're extremist.

I forgot to include the title "Rep" in the earlier posts. If you go back over my posts, I seldom use that term for anyone, but it appears that the omission here has made you furious, and I apologize.

Hitler moustaches - anybody who draws one on a political leader is making the point that in some way, that leader is Hitleresque. Hitlery, if you will. If you would prefer that I think people on the right aren't serious when they makes the comparison, I will.

I was thinking of going back over your comments to see what childish names you HAD called Presiden Obama, but I just realized this is the first time you've commented Mr. Razor.

Danielk said...

Hey, look at that! I was able to find a comment by a guy named GWK who referred to "The Hussein administration!"

I must have been thinking of that guy.

Not GWK said...

Who is GWK?