Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Obameter

My liberal media choice is an hour a day of the Stephanie Miller radio show while I'm getting ready for work. It's funny and stupid like most morning radio, but it also has a comforting lefty bias that you don't get from most media. NORMALLY comforting.

Because this week, the show has been Stephanie arguing with her entourage about whether Obama is too far to the center to even be considered a liberal. Stephanie says he's doing the best he can with the climate we have nowadays, her people say he was never a lefty. Me, I always thought he was a centrist and he's giving us exactly what he promised. The proof that he's a centrist is that he's being reviled from both sides now.  The people who find him the least objectionable? Moderates.

Still, the rising force of dissatisfaction from the left is scaring me. I don't want the left to stop voting because it means President Bachmann. I'm going to stop saying Palin because, well, we all have.

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