Thursday, August 18, 2011

Civil Discourse

Oh what a state we've come to!

The left in Tennessee finally jumps back in with the Hitler imagery:
Overnight Sunday someone spray painted Hitler’s infamous mustache onto the face of Ronald Reagan. The damaged mural covers a wall at the Putnam County Republican Party headquarters in downtown Cookeville.

“Ronald Reagan is really beloved by the Republican party, he’s our guy,” said county chairman Curtis Shinsky.

“I just think this is people who have it in for us. There’s a lot of folks who don’t like us being up here on the square because we really have a lot of visibility,” Shinsky explained.
Yeah, that's why people keep doing it to Obama... they resent his visibility.

Meanwhile, in Washington:
Earlier this month, a local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent Rep. Allen West (R-FL) a letter asking him to cut off ties with leading anti-Muslim activists like Pamela Geller and Brigitte Gabriel with whom he had shared stages before. “Muslims protect and serve our great country and are afforded equal protection under law,” said the letter. “We shouldn’t have to defend our rights to worship freely or participate in the governing of our society.”
West, who knows that the founding fathers were just kidding about "equal" protection and rights and freedom of religion, responded with this letter.

Look, don't get me wrong - I was 5 years old myself once. But now that I'm an adult, I think I'll side with the Reagan mural owners and the Muslims. I'd like to think I have more in common with them.


General Anthony McAuliffe said...

You don't know much about military history, do you? Ever hear of a place called Bastogne?

Clearly not.

Danielk said...

Civility, ladies and gentlemen!

Practice what you preach, much? said...

"..I was 5 years old myself once. But now that I'm an adult,.."

Is being condescendingly snarky "civil"?

Danielk said...

So I should try harder to understand the people who painted a moustache on Reagan? Maybe I should invite them to write a guest post, to tell their side of the story?