Friday, August 26, 2011

The Weather's Grim / Ice On The Cages

Goodness! Here in the San Fernando Valley it's 90 degrees and cloudy! I even got a little rain on my windshield! Of course, I hear it's a little worse on the east coast.

I'm gratified that Eric Cantor's policy is to not send Federal money to the disaster areas until congress can agree on offsetting budget cuts. Hahaha! It'll play out this way: the Right will insist that the money comes out of social security. The Left will fight them for about, oh, six months. Then they'll cave and the Right will say, no, we need to get the money out of social security and also impeach Obama! That'll delay the aid for another six months or so. Everyone's poll numbers will plummet, and they'll finally just approve the money but by then the east coast will be a post-apocalyptic wasteland because all the industry has moved to China, where there are roads and electricity.

And in the meantime, NO BUDGET CUTS! Whoo hoo! California wins for a change.

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