Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chip Nostalgia

Man, this'll make you feel old, unless you aren't old. Then it will just mystify you.

So I grew up in Santa Cruz, which is just over the hill from Silicon Valley. A lot of my smarter classmates went straight from high school to the burgeoning personal computer business. At least one of them wound up marrying one of the founders of Yahoo and is, last time I saw her, a very very happy woman.

I'm going to quote someone anonymously from their Facebook comment here, and tell me that this isn't some unique new wrinkle on nostaliga.

One of my first jobs was working at Seagate, but that was before Seagate made HD's. They originally assembled computers and put a Seagate sticker on it.. nameing it a Seagate Computer... Damn those were the days.
I mean come on, this is a sea change of some kind, isn't it? RetroTechnoLust? Do you wish you still had that fax machine that was the size of a mini-fridge? Do you long for the days that you played Leisure Suit Larry in monochrome on your Gateway Palmtop? Do you wonder why they don't name modern CPUs the 1286 or the 1486? If so, it's not just me.

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