Monday, March 05, 2012

Leave Rush Alone!

Rush Limbaugh is very, very sorry that he said mean things last week. As usual, he didn't mean anything he said. How could you people be so sensitive!

But moving on, let's get down to the real point. Rush thinks its unfair that people have to pay for the activities of other people. For example, sexually. Rush is furious that his Viagra is covered by an insurance company, because everybody who buys insurance from that same company is paying for it. Also any drugs he might be taking for Cholesterol, or any medical problem he might develop from obesity. Rush thinks he should take responsibility and slim down, or stop having the insurance he's paying into cover his bills!

Rush is furious that an insurance company will have to cover medical expenses if all the customers aren't completely on board with it.

Furthermore, Rush hates insurance companies being told what to cover and what not to. That's regulation! Say, for example, your grandmother falls and breaks her hip. Sure they could pay out the expense to heal her, but she's old and there's enough wrong with her that something else should go at any time. Why waste that money on her when it could be going to Viagra! (Or something). Rush thinks that insurance companies should get to make a judgement on whether she gets that surgery. Not one guy of course, but a panel of experts. Yeah, some kind of panel to decide who lives or who dies.

What? What's so wrong with that? You liberals are so impractical.

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