Friday, March 30, 2012

Never Forget Who The Real Heroes Are

Sitting inside a coffee shop during a recent 30-minute interview, Walsh had several of his trademark characteristics on display: a feverish intensity, an embrace of rhetorical combat and unfettered criticism of (Tammy Duckworth) his opponent, who lost both of her legs and part of her right arm in 2004 after her helicopter was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade.

“I have so much respect for what she did in the fact that she sacrificed her body for this country,” said Walsh, simultaneously lowering his voice as he leaned forward before pausing for dramatic effect. “Ehhh. Now let’s move on.”

“What else has she done? Female, wounded veteran … ehhh,” he continued. “She is nothing more than a handpicked Washington bureaucrat. David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel just picked her up and dropped her into this district.”
- Politico interviews Joe Walsh on the occasion of his upcoming battle to retain his seat in Chicago's 8th Congressional District. I wish I had sound on that "ehhh". Makes all the difference in the world! In print, I gotta say, it appears a little insenstive towards our veterans.

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