Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Primary Results: Dump Mitt!


I'm already on record as saying I'd much rather have Rick Santorum as the Republican candidate. Maybe with Sarah Palin as VP though I can't imagine her settling for THAT again. Maybe she can come in rougeing it up at the last minute and challenge him to a debate on the eve of the primaries. Nothing like that has ever been done before, you say? EXACTLY!

Point is, Mitt Romney is not your guy. Mitt is Obama, only taller and... well, let's just say he's taller. Plus he belongs to a weird religion, while Santorum is an uncontroversial Catholic, and they're pretty well regarded nowadays.

Or there's always Gingrich. I don't mean he's a viable candidate. I mean no matter how obvious it is that he should quit sabotaging the race, there's always Gingrich.

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