Friday, March 30, 2012

Too Bad About Keith Olbermann

There are people reading this blog who are dying to see what I think about Keith Olbermann getting fired from CurrentTV. Actually that sentence is mighty presumptuous, both in the sense of assuming that people care about my opinion regarding Keith, AND assuming that there are people reading this blog. But what the hell, I'm just killing time until I can leave work for the weekend.

Keith Olbermann? I haven't actually watched more than 12 seconds of that guy since before I was divorced. And after, I never bothered to put money into cable. HOWEVER, I lost interest in him long before he was out of my price range. Look, the first time he had one of those "special comments" it was refreshing. I thought, here's a guy who is even angrier at George Bush's overreach than I am! But then he did another one, and another one, and it became pretty clear to me that he was just acting up to get ratings. Don't kid yourself, nobody is that angry that regularly. And I don't need that in my pundits, even the pundits on my side.

There's no point in screaming at me, hoping you'll drown out the opinions of your rivals. I will automatically listen to the guy who isn't screaming.

The good news is when Rush is dumped next month to make room for Mike Huckabee's show, we can all say that it's not like they never fire liberals. Win!

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