Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Maybe People ARE Rotten After All

A few weeks ago I opined that you shouldn't buy a story that's too good to be true, especially if it paints your opponents in a negative light. I was commenting on reports of a Christian computer game set in the post-apocalypse world where your mission is to convert the heathens or kill them. According to what I had read, you couldn't win the game by killing them, as much fun as that might be.

Take a look at the comment of that piece... Apparently you CAN win by killing the infidel.

Okay, so maybe I was wrong - sometimes the Big Lie is true. In this case it's not that big a lie, not like we are fighting a war to promote peace or banning gay marriage strikes a blow for civil rights. So I hope my premise still holds - just because someone is a Republican or a Evangelist it doesn't mean that everything he says is wrong. Or more simply, people who disagree with you aren't always just too stupid to understand the truth.

Okay, I gotta go now... I'm armoring up for the apocalypse.

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