Saturday, June 03, 2006

My Love Affair With Press Releases, 2

And oh my, this one is good.

Robin Williams Shows the Challenges of Disposing of Human Waste from an RV, Trailer, or Motor Home

Hollister, Calif. -- (ArriveNet Interface - May 08, 2006) -- The 10 million or more RV owners in the U.S. can all identify with actor Robin Williams in the new movie "RV", particularly the challenges of disposing of human waste.

"Robin Williams goes through a terrible experience, which is really every RV owner's greatest fear. We all hate to empty the holding tanks because we all fear the very strong chance that something will go wrong and we will spill human waste all over the place and on ourselves and others," said Doug Swarts of Phase Four Industries.

The scene in the movie is exaggerated for the sake of humor, but the image is all too real for most RV owners. Every RV owner hates to put on the rubber gloves, connect the hose, and open the valve. It is a messy, smelly job if it goes well. Unfortunately far too often it does not go well and human waste ends up all over the ground, on the RV, and on people.

"It doesn't have to be that way," says Swarts. "As an RV owner I knew there had to be a better way to take care of this unpleasant task. I came up with the Waste Master (tm), and now there is a way to easily empty the holding tanks, in a totally sanitary and environmentally friendly manner."

Every RV owner knows that what happened to Williams' character Bob Monro in the new movie "RV" is not a total exaggeration. Williams had to be hosed down from head to toe after his mishap, and the ground pollution was extensive. Could it happen in real life?

"It certainly could, and it does. Far too often," said Swarts. "All those problems can be avoided, and the task can be clean and sanitary, but too many RV owners do not know there is an easy, inexpensive solution."

The Waste Master is stored in a bay door on the side of an RV. It is designed to prevent spills and be completely sanitary.

"The nozzle and sewer hose are pre-connected, pre-stored and ready to go. Open the bay door, and with the press of a button, simply extend the industrial grade sewer hose with special nozzle attached. It is a lot like extending a gas nozzle from a gas pump. There's no stooping and fumbling to plug it into the ground inlet. Now, just open the lever and push two buttons. It's so clean, you could even do it with white gloves on. When you're done, all you do is close the lever, press the button, and it retracts itself fully. No mess. No dripping. No coiling. And best of all it's totally sanitary," explained Swarts.

Watching Williams in the movie "RV" may be entertaining, but Swarts hopes it does not cause people to avoid using an RV. All of the problems Williams encounters can be avoided, and the task of emptying the holding tanks can be simple and clean.

See what they did there? You thought it had something to do with the hit movie RV but in fact it's a commercial for a mobile-home gadget! And who said journalism is dead?

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