Friday, June 16, 2006

Talking Points For Your Right-Wing Friends

You must know someone who is in the president's camp. Next time you see 'em, ask 'em these questions. If you get a sensible response, let me know.

1. We have to suspend some of our civil liberties because we're at war. I accept that, but how do we know when we've won? Not when will the war be over, but how will we know?

2. It's treason to criticize the President, and it's wrong to burn the flag. Okay. Protesters at Presidential appearances are put off to an isolated area. We have to accept that we may be wiretapped, and that our library records and probably all other records could be confiscated. Okay, okay.

So, as we're often told, the terrorists hate our freedoms. So is giving up freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the right to privacy an effort to make the terrorists like us?


Taylor W. Buley said...

So you are a libertarian...

i.m.small said...


It is indeed so very harsh
To make a break for standard
Held in my mind--but how to wash
The soul when it has pandered?

If they must love this war the while
I may not love them then,
Or love as Christ did, with no smile
To simper to those men

As would torment, and scourge, and kill him:
To smile as from a strength
To know the Father will fulfill him
As blood must spill at length.

I love, but as the "Prince of Peace"
I bring a sword to rive them,
For I will not assent to these
Malicious lies that drive them.