Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Press Release: Bleeding Disorders Month

Governor Granholm Proclaims June as Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Month in Michigan

Distribution Source : Market Wire

Date: Tuesday - June 13, 2006

YPSILANTI, MI -- (Market Wire - Jun 13, 2006) -- Michigan Governor, Jennifer M. Granholm, has proclaimed June 2006 as "Hemophilia and Other Bleeding Disorders Month in Michigan." The gubernatorial proclamation follows closely on recent public advocacy efforts of the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan (HFM).

The foundation recently held its first 'HFM Lansing Day,' a day long event in which staff and consumers visited legislators and shared with them basic information regarding these inherited and incurable diseases. The day included a luncheon in the State Capitol attended by Representatives, Senators, and their staffers, as well as HFM staff and consumers.

During 2006, the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan is marking its anniversary of fifty years of service. In the post-WW II years, founding members of HFM initially came together as support groups for families of persons with hemophilia. "2006 is indeed a fitting time to officially observe our fifty years of service," said HFM Executive Director Ivan C. Harner. "Governor Granholm recently proclaimed June 2006 as 'Hemophilia and Other Bleeding Disorders Month' in Michigan," Harner continued. A framed copy of the proclamation will be displayed at the foundation offices in Ypsilanti.

Harner also observed, "Governor Granholm's proclamation inspires and encourages us as the foundation looks forward to continuing our service to the bleeding disorders community. Before another 50 years goes by, medical science may find cures for hemophilia, von Willebrand disease and all other bleeding disorders. In the meantime, HFM will continue its mission of service to our community."

Website: www.hfmich.org

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