Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Candidate for the Leader of The Repu Party

Victoria Jackson!


Publius said...

I am glad that your favorite site has the word "liars" in it because how the story you linked starts out is a perfect example of a lie...

"Back when she was a cast member of Saturday Night Live, I didn't find Victoria Jackson particularly funny. I thought her ditzy-blonde routine was too over the top and demeaning; nobody could really be that idiotic, I thought."

Yeah, riiiiiight. This "writer" NOW says she wasn't funny because NOW he finds out she is conservative. A bit convenient to say NOW he never liked her. It's the kind of snippy nonsense that the left is known for. Empty BS and garbage.

Danielk said...

I like that your issue is that the writer must have LOVED Victoria Jackson and refuses to admit it. Any thoughts on Jackson herself?