Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Leader Of The Repus

This guy at Real Clear Politics thinks there IS no leader right now. I think, despite the crazy blogging going on, that it isn't Rush Limbaugh either. And yeah, I'm including my blogging there. Anyway, it's not Rush.

It's Roger Ailes. (If you don't trust Wikipedia, it's Roger Ailes.)

Ailes produces Rush, and runs Fox News. The guy who pushes the talking points is the leader. When our so-called elected "officials" apologize to Rush, they're actually apologizing to Ailes because they're going off the message he has spent so much effort on.

Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes.

I'd like to apologize to Rush now, because I might have put him in dutch with the boss. Sorry dude.


Publius said...

Um.... no.

Danielk said...

You're goin' out on a big limb there, fellah. God help you.