Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Congress Less Unpopular Than Before

Comfort for me AND Madeline's Dad: the latest Gallup Poll notes that Congress is at "the most positive assessment of Congress since February 2005."


"Americans who identify themselves as Democrats are mostly responsible for the improved ratings of Congress measured in the March 5-8 Gallup Poll. After showing a 25-point increase in their approval of Congress from January to February and a further 14-point increase in March, a majority of Democrats (57%) now approve of the job the Democratically-controlled Congress is doing. Independents also show improved ratings of Congress, but not nearly to the extent that Democrats do. Republicans' evaluations of Congress have changed very little this year."
So I'm happy because approval for the Democratically-controlled body is rising sharply since the stimulus package passed. And even Republicans don't hate them much less! Madeline's Dad is happy because approval isn't where it was when Republicans were running the joint, waaaay back at the turn of the century.

Again, I aver that the reason for the rising popularity is that Republicans can no longer block most legislation and therefore Congress can actually achieve something. MD says it's still low because America hates the Democrat agenda.

I report, you decide.

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wamk said...

Whoo hoo! Only 61% think Congress sucks! Well done, Dems!