Thursday, March 19, 2009

Voting With Your Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Richard Mellon Scaife had better put a little money aside for 2010, because if he isn't prepared to buy up a lot of copies of DECISION POINTS, it probably won't make the best-seller lists.

Mr. Bush mentioned the book Tuesday in his first speech since leaving office, delivered in Calgary, Alberta... According to Robert B. Barnett, the Washington lawyer who negotiated the deal with Crown on Mr. Bush’s behalf, the book will cover Mr. Bush’s decisions relating to Sept. 11, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Barnett said Mr. Bush would also write about why he ran for president, his decision to quit drinking, his discovery of religious faith, and his relationships with his parents, wife and siblings.

Mr. Barnett said Mr. Bush began working on a draft two days after he left office.

“He’s already written 30,000 words,” Mr. Barnett said. “He has no collaborator, but he’s working with his former chief speech writer Christopher Michel.”
Added Bush, "he's not a collaborator, he's just the fellah who is writin' a book with me." No not really, but I'm trying to wrap my brain around that last sentence.

Gawker reports that the advance for the book was $7 million. or "$5 million less than Bill Clinton's advance for My Life, $1 million less than Hillary Clinton got for Living History, and $2 million less than the advance for the memoirs of Tony Friggin' Blair." But of course, we're even more post literate now than we were then so, you know, ROI.

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Publius said...

I doubt I'll be buying one. I didn't get Clinton's "My Lies" book either. I don't get these books by politicians because the pols are almost NEVER the actual writers. These things are always written by ghostwriters.