Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bachman Paranoia Overdrive

For those of you who contributed to Rep. Michele Bachmann's narrowly-won reelection after her brave fight to preserve our nation's incandescent light bulbs: you'll be pleased to see that she's fighting to preserve your right to contribute to her next relection campaign in good old American Dollars.

...This caused ... Minnesota representative Michele Bachmann to propose legislation banning the replacement of the dollar with any other currency … in the United States.

Should this legislation pass, that means we will never be able to trade yen or pesetas or Ron Paul’s dreaded Ameros in exchange for goods and services here in the US: a possibility that nobody has ever suggested might occur.
Whew! I was just itchin' to buy a latte with pesetas, so Bachman's bill may just save me from myself. Then again, the light bulb thing was framed as a vital freedom-of-choice issue... why shouldn't I whip out a roll of euros to buy my incandescent light bulbs with? You're confusing me, Mrs. B!

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Publius said...

Well, with your Treas. Sec. saying that he thought the new Chinese international dollar was such a great idea, it doesn't sound so far fetched!