Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When You're Drunk, The Whole World's Irish

I thought I'd open with a cultural slur for the title today. Hi Paddies!

I'm pretty sure that the excessive drinking that will happen tonight (and probably right now, and well into tomorrow morning) is solely the province of Americans. Much like Pizza, St. Patrick's Day is a foreign thing that we have taken and so made into our thing that the foreigners who are supposed to be behind it wouldn't even recognize it. I have never been to Italy, but I understand that pizza is a curiosity there, as opposed to the staple diet of slackers that it is to us. And even when they prepare it, it isn't bread stuffed with cheese that's wrapped around other cheese.

Anyway, take a moment today to treasure your Irish brethren. Mourn the loss of Patrick McGoohan and James Joyce; be thankful for whiskey made with peat moss. Watch an episode of BALLYKISSANGEL if you get a chance. Say a prayer of thanks for their knack of combining corn and beef. Note the similarities in the Jamaican and Irish accents. Dance to the string-based music of Celtic Woman. Consider donating a little cash so that the Pogues can get their teeth fixed.

And in the best way possible, always, ALWAYS, be after their lucky charms.

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