Friday, March 06, 2009

More Fun With Hate Mail


Re Stephanie Miller's treason remark on Larry King - a couple from NewsBusters:

Liberals are so intolerant

Liberals are so intolerant of opposing ideas. You will never hear a conservative advocate the killing of anybody unless maybe it is a child-molestor, a rapist or a serial killer. But keep your ears open and you will find that liberals are very angry, violent, irrational people.


Another liberal broad who should be hanged to prevent reproduction and the spread of stupidity.

Rush execution

I agree with Ms. Miller but let's get in line. Let's execute Rush immediately after we execute Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, and first and foremost George Soros. It seems to be, a lowly member of "we the people" that if what the Messiah, B. Hussein Obama, says is true and we are in dire financial straits in this country, why are he and is ilk attacking private citizens and using taxpayer dollars to do it? Let's face it, the voice of the president George Soros, who bought and paid for Barry, is calling the shots. I assert that affirmative action, on the job training is absurd for the president of the Peoples Republic of America and that Obama be recalled. I further assert tht the financial difficulties we are now facing began on 01/22/2006 when control of congress was seized by the left. They will not be able to blame Bush much longer as the stock market slides into oblivian. REMEMBER THE COLE - IMPEACH OBAMA.

...I'm including the next one, from a blog, because the page has a link to the Asian Babe Of The Week. Yummy!

Liberal retard: Execute Rush Limbaugh

It didn't take long for the liberal Democrats to change their tune when it comes to criticizing a sitting President. Just a few short years ago Hillary Clinton screeched to an approving audience that dissent was patriotic and that she and all Americans had every right to question and criticize President George W. Bush and his policies. But of course those sentiments only exist with liberal Democrats until they are in charge. Now dissent isn't patriotic, now it's treasonous. So treasonous that you should be executed for speaking against President Obama.

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