Monday, March 30, 2009

I Haz A Sad

It was mostly a nice weekend for me. YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU opened to decent audience response and everybody agrees that if there is anything wrong with it, it wasn't my fault. I got enough sleep. One of our local digital TV channels multiplexed to allow THISTV, which has a slate of MGM/UA movies, old episodes of THE PATTY DUKE SHOW and THE OUTER LIMITS (the first, less Canadian version) which is retro-cool. My only complaint? Some weasel stole my bike.

No, it wasn't Glenn Shadix. Not to my knowledge anyway. I chained my bike up on a rack near the theater for the Sunday matinee, went out to dinner with some cast members afterward, and when I came to retrieve the bike there was nothing left but a popped cable lock. I could have called a cab but I opted to walk home 2 and a half miles because after all, it's good exercise.

And an inconvenience. It's not like I need the bike to get around. I have a car, and work is only a mile away. Still, after I clock out today I'm going straight to the sporting goods place for another bike. I also considered a cross-country trek to search for the bike, perhaps leading to the basement of the Alamo, but it's just more convenient to replace it.

If I learned anything from the experience, it's this: cable locks are worthless, register your bike with the local police, and park where there are plenty of witnesses.


Publius said...

See... economic stimulus. It's good all the way around, right?

Some poor, unfortunate, unschooled, lower class, disenfranchised, unfortunate, did I say unfortunate... crook gets a nice bike and YOU get to stimulate the bike manufacturing sector with a new purchase.

Looks like Obama's dream world has only just begun, man!

wamk said...


Now that unfortunate, lower class, disenfranchised crook has a way to get to the one of the millions of new jobs that will be created by The Obama Stimulus, which will help him to rise from lower class to middle class. He'll then take advantage of The One providing a college education for everyone, solving his "unschooled" issue. Being a new member of the middle class, with a job and a bike makes him no longer disenfranchised, and therefore no longer "unfortunate".

See all the good The One has done, by having that crook steal Piker's bike?

Danielk said...

What's worse, a big black man carved a letter in my cheek!

Okay, I get that the blog is mostly political but geez guys. Well, at least I know when you're blaming THIS on Obama, you're joking.

Aren't you?

Publius said...

Rejoice... be happy Pikeman! You are the one you are waiting for.. while you're... waiting for a cab cuz someone stole yer bkie.

wamk said...

Piker, I thought you bought into the whole "Change!" issue.

Perhaps this is God's way of asking you to "Change!" your transportation methods.

Of course, you don't believe in God, so maybe that's not the case.

Danielk said...

As it happens, I bought a replacement bike and after a couple of days, I like it much better. It's more ergonomic and more efficient. I can sit up straighter on it, thus putting less strain on my upper back and hands.

So even though the initial cash outlay was distasteful, I have to admit that I'm better positioned now for my future transportation needs. Plus I can expect to spend less on healthcare in the future. All because I took on a little debt now. How could anyone find something wrong with THAT scenario?

wamk said...

I would have thought you would have bought a tandem.

That way, you could be giving rides to those less fortunate that don't have the disposable cash to buy a bike, and are forced to walk or ride the bus.

At the same time, you would be helping those people also enjoy the benefits of more exercise, and lower future healthcare bills for those people as well.

How very selfish of you.

Danielk said...

You got your talking points confused - I'm the one who's willing to pay taxes to make sure the poor have transportation. YOU are supposed to be driving them around yourself.