Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Almost Nothing Changes

I just spend the morning wandering around the Canary Wharf area, looking for TORCHWOOD headquarters. I failed. Perhaps the building was hidden using some scavenged alien tech.

So my adventure today amounted to an extended Mall walk, which is a pleasant enough way to spend a day off. Now I'm sitting in the Gloucester Arcade,a tube stop and the one place I know where I can find reliable free wireless. I'm also ogling this skinny blonde who runs a fashion kiosk. Which is kind of crazy. Where I come from, skinny blondes are given away in Crackerjack boxes.

Well, I guess I'll get back to the hotel and see if there are any messages.


wamk (stuck at a train crossing) said...

Forgot to ask before if you mailed in your absentee ballot for the Governor's tax increases today.

Did you vote?

Publius said...

And if you did vote, let's hope it was no, no, no all the way down the ballot!

Danielk said...

Have to admit that I missed that vote, but I would have approved of the tax increases. We need government in California.

wamk said...

So it was more important to plan your vacation than to vote to save California?

Danielk said...

Yeah! Yes, I guess it was.