Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Told You Rush Is In Charge

Check out this interesting exchange on Hannity & Sean's show, between Hannity and Dick Morris! It concerns the completely outrageous remarks Wanda Sykes made at the WHCD dinner last weekend, about how Rush Limbaugh was the 20th hijacker and other such frivolity.

HANNITY: Now there is a double standard. Now can you imagine if we go through this list here of — what if somebody called Barack Obama, compared him to a terrorist? What if somebody wished him ill? That he wouldn’t do well? [...]

MORRIS: He would be carted off in handcuffs. And they should be. No one should make a joke about the president dying and frankly no one should make a joke about someone in political life like that dying.
Putting aside the curious use of Hannity's use of "what if" someone compared the president to a terrorist (AYERS! AYERS! AYERS!) what's fascinating about this is the comparison of the President to Rush Limbaugh. Why not talk about Keith Olberman or Stephanie Miller? BECAUSE THOSE PEOPLE AREN'T RUNNING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. 'Nuff said.

Plus the idea that they're endorsing a state where simply making a joke about our leaders should be enough to engender imprisonment - well, at least that's consistant.

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libhom said...

Sykes' jokes were hysterical and completely appropriate. The whining by the corporate media and the rightist bloggers is beyond silly.