Monday, May 25, 2009

This Shouldn't Have Kept Me Awake

7:22am PDT, en route to Los Angeles

More likely than not I had insomnia last night because it was the eve of travel. But the the thing that kept running through my mind was this: I blew the gag in my title on Wednesday.

The idea was, a joke concerning Shakespeare and gloves. My best association with gloves was Johnnie Cochrane's famous defense of OJ Simpson concerning that glove evidence, and my best association with Shakespeare is always iambic pentameter, the rhyme scheme that the sonnets are written in. Great concept, lousy execution because I wrote it in, I guess, “quantameter”? I used four beats when I should have used five. Ideally the title should have been something more like:

If the glove does not him truly fit
Then thou verily must he acquit.

It's a little long for a title, and I was still a little jet-lagged, so I suppose that's what made me think the original title worked. I hope to God that's not what was really keeping me awake though, because If I'm going to start worrying over the flaws in this blog so much that I lose sleep, well, I'll never sleep.

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