Sunday, May 03, 2009

Self-Regulating Circuit

Arlen Specter is already assuring people that he may no longer be a RINO, but he's certainly a Dino. So is this good news for the Republicans? Not so much.

There's a reason why the campaign was filled with dire predictions of Obama ruling from the far left - only a handful of Americans would like that. So it's been a real problem for the right when Obama sought compromise in the stimulus bill, and it was even worse when the Democrats gave in. A majority that moderates itself renders opposition unnecessary.

Personally, I wonder why the 2-party system is still important. The world is more complex than that. It's great for political theatre but the country isn't just right/left nowadays. It's not even right/left/center. It's right, left, center, right surround, left surround and perhaps an extra position for bass. Our political discourse is mixed for home entertainment systems now.


Publius said...

You know, you keep praising Obama for "compromising." Could you please show me where he's ACTUALLY done this? I mean, do you have any examples where he's actually compromised on anything?

Oh, sure, he's given some high sounding talk about it. But HAS he actually sought and implemented a compromise?

wamk said...


Hey, if The One said it, it must be true.


Danielk said...

He talked congress into adding tax cuts to the stimulus bill, and taking out controversial sections involving family planning and other things.