Monday, May 11, 2009

Too Satisfied for Politics

Yeah, you haven't seen a lot from yours truly lately. I'm just not outraged enough to put energy for this stuff.

My LASIK has taken just fine, no complications, and I like being able to see stuff. It's fun! I went to the karaoke bar last night to test my ability to read TV screens across the room - I sang DOCTOR MY EYES by Jackson Brown and LOOK SHARP by Joe Jackson.

This Saturday I'm flying to England for a week. If I wasn't already living in the best damn country on the face of the earth, (I was born, lucky me, in the land that I love) England is where I'd want to be. England swings like a pendulum do, you know.

Though it's true that I don't have someone to call my own, that only means I'm free to ask people out. And I'm pursuing a couple of very attractive leads. Plus I realized tonight that I'm no longer afraid of my ex-wife, and this is a rite of passage that all divorced men need to reach.

So I should care if some blogger criticizes Obama's choice of condiments? Whatevs dude. Life is too short.


Publius said...

I guess Democrats that knew about torture but have conveniently forgotten about it until now are not a problem in your "satisfied" world. That's cool.

Danielk said...

Say, what would you have liked Pelosi to do, since you know that she was completely briefed?

Publius said...

I would have liked her to do just what she DID do. Stay silent to protect our nation. Unfortunately, now she is doing the opposite of that. However, I should think you'd be a bit upset at her for knowing the truth and staying quiet?

But, whatever the case, anything she does now doesn't matter for her veracity and claim toward principles. She has neither at this point.