Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I'm killing time outside the Barnes & Noble, waiting for my LASIK surgery. As you can see, I am wearing glasses.

Hopefully tomorrow you'll see another picture like this one only I will be smiling wider and not wearing glasses. It's also possible that it will be a picture of me with my eyes bandaged up, posted by my lawyers; but everything I've read so far suggests that's a remote possibility. I stand a better chance of getting the H1N1 virus.

Oh God, what my doctor HAS the H1N1 virus! I'll die of swine flu, blind and resentful. I bet I catch the ebola there too.

Well, I hope we see each other tomorrow.

(for more fun eye material, check out my podcast this week!)


wamk said...

LASIK is awesome. I had horrible vision (a hand 6 inches in front of my face was blurry) before, and great vision after, for about 5-6 years.

I have to wear glasses again now (just for far distances, and driving at night), but a far cry from the heavy ones I wore before.

You'll feel no discomfort fro mthe surgery, but a little "sand in the eyes" for about a day. Make sure to go back for those follow up appointments as well!

The Vicoden they gave me to relax pre-suregery was nice as well.

Good luck, and speedy recovery!

Publius said...

Good luck. I wonder if it would work for me? I don't have that kind of cash, though.

Danielk said...

Here's a tip for some ready cash - get yourself a divorce. It liquidates a lot of assets.

Publius said...

Tried that once. It didn't help at all. She came back.

Danielk said...

A belated thanks to WAMK, for the good wishes. And he's absolutely right about the after effects.