Sunday, May 31, 2009

Any Old Port In A Storm

There is an old saying: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Case in point: my friend WAMK is willing to ally himself with Pravda and Ted Rall in his effort to trash our President.

Completely unfair but amusing conclusion: It's not that WAMK wants a communist dictatorship or an America ruled by extreme left-wing doctrine, just that he'd prefer them to a successful Obama term. Seems reasonable to me! AND Ralph Nader!


Publius said...

Ted Rall is an idiot. Of course, I wrote about him, too. But not to "agree" with him.

wamk said...

Not allying with Rall and Pravda, merely pointing out what everyone else knows except for you hard core Lefties.

That Obama is an empty suit, and is quickly ruining this great Country.

But hey, thanks for mischaracterizing what I've said.


Nothing would make me happier than for all of Obama's grand schemes to work out. But logic and common sense tells me most will fail. And that will cause our Country to suffer.

Danielk said...

Perspective is important - if you think I'm a hard core lefty and Ted Rall and Pravda aren't, then you may be seeing things differently than the rest of the world.

By the way, the difference between me and your Coulters and Limbaughs is I'll admit I'm mischaractizing you. For what that's worth.

wamk said...

Why do you suppose Rall and Pravda wrote what they did?

Danielk said...

Rall, clearly, doesn't think Obama is far left enough. The guy from Pravda thinks he's too far left, but I can't tell you what that means because I've never read anything else from him. Or Pravda, for that matter. What's their editorial policy anyway?

Publius said...

Pravda's "editorial policy," such as it is, is to stick a finger in the USAs eye. And that is about it.

Pravada has said a lot of stuff about the US lately. I have cited none of it, myself, though there is irony in it.

As to Rall, he really is upset that Obama hasn't done all he promised to do. But that is just the point. Obama made all sorts of extreme left promises and he doesn't look like he is in any great hurry to fulfill them.

Still, I do not tae Rall's side in saying that Obama is a liar on the issues. I think he fully means to turn this country into a socialist nightmare, destroy our health care, wreck the economy, etc., etc. It's just that he is taking his time at it. After all, he's only been in a few months. He can't destroy the country THAT quick! I mean, Jimmah Carter tried to do it for four years and never quite achieved the goal!