Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never Before Has a Boy Wanted More

Well, we've decided we didn't care for OLIVER either. The girl who played Nancy, who was picked off a reality show, could sing but not so much with the acting; Rowan Atkinson was merely as good a Fagin as I was and Burn Gorman's Bill Sykes couldn't shine our Bill's shoes. And of course the directing was a pale ghost of the show that Justine commanded. There are those who would consider this to be a biased judgment on our parts, but those people would be mistaken.

By the way, look at that logo. Is it my imagination or is this actually just a pale ripoff of the logo for Pizza Hut? Which serves, by the way, a pale imitation of pizza itself.

Torchwood continues to haunt me. The day I couldn't find the building they use in the show I DID find a copy of John Barrowman's biography at a bookstore. Then I discover as I read my program that Bill Sykes is played by Burn Gorman, a Torchwood cast member. He played the character who died early in series two but remained on the show an animated corpse for a very long time afterward. At this point I'd be very surprised if I'm not carried off by a pterodactyl after dinner.

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