Monday, August 31, 2009

Blue Cross, Red Shield

A lot of those right-wing talking points about the health reform bill cite problems that we're dealing with now with insurance. Republicans are asking us to get furious at the idea of health care rationing, government meddling in Medicare (?!), long waits in emergency rooms and doctor's offices.

So I'm wondering - what is the plan for fixing all this stuff when the reform plan crashes in flames? I mean, there's a hungry mob out there now that hates (HATES!!!!!!) the idea of health care rationing, and when they realize they're still stuck with Cigna deciding that their cancer treatments will cut into executive golf vacations, someone is gonna get hurt. What's the backup plan? Who's gonna fix the problem? Can't be Democrats, because Republicans would block their efforts. When it dawns on people that the only thing stopping us from getting our money's worth from the insurance companies is a phalanx of certain elected officials, then you're gonna see some really angry town halls.

And may I suggest that "deregulation" may not be the most popular answer in this case?


wamk said...

Deregulation is exactly what we need. Try to get insurance today from an agent in AZ, if you live in CA.

Removing that restriction will drive costs down immediately.

Danielk said...

Now we're getting somewhere. Are you in favor of eliminating state regulation only, or also eliminating all federal regulation of the industry?

wamk said...

I'm in favor of letting the States determine what is best for their residents.

It's not just insurance, but all industry.

Danielk said...

But isn't it state laws that prevent you from buying your policy from an agent in another state? Maybe I misinterpreted that situation.

Uncle Tom said...

WAMK: Racist.