Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy, Dead at 77

I should have had something prepared for this. He was someone whose biggest skill was facilitating bipartisan solutions to problems, and that is a a thing that will be sorely missed. Yes, he had plenty of detractors and was no stranger to controversy, but the man was dedicated to making American politics better. Aloha sir.


Publius said...

I have nothing at all good to say about this odious, creep. It's good that this most destructive Senator in history is gone from Congress at last.It's also too bad that he proved that elites in America can escape the law. He should have been in jail since his crime of murder.

Danielk said...

I predict a lot of the right commentariat will not have the courage of their convictions today, and will soften their message in an effort to be "likable" or "appear human". You're a man to be reckoned with, Pub.

Publius said...


You can be sure that most will be all soft and mushy on this day of his passing.

You can also bet that many others will spout off with the "he deserved it" crap. There's no need for being mean-spirited. No one "deserves" brain cancer!

But, there is no reason to pretend that he was a good man, a good senator, or a good American. He was neither.